Jeff Crittenden has been involved in athletics from a very young age. As the youngest of six brothers, he has always had a competitive spirit. That competitive spirit easily translated into a career as a member of the PGA.

Playing Professional Golf

Jeff began playing golf in college and quickly showed an aptitude for the sport. It was just a couple of years later that he decided to make a career of it and became a professional golfer. Three years after college, Jeff moved to Florida to play professionally and won several mini-tours. He then turned to teaching golf for such companies as Grand Cypress Academy of Golf, Swing the Thing Golf Schools, Precision Golf Schools, ESPN Golf Schools, and Golf Digest Golf Schools where he worked with some of the most prestigious names in golf instruction – Hank Haney, Fred Griffin, Rick McCord, Ed Bowe, and Dick Farley.

Long Drive

In 2006, Jeff realized he had a true talent for strength and distance in golf and decided to try his hand at long drive. In long drive, he quickly found his calling and within a year was competing professionally around the country and around the world just a few years later.
Currently, Jeff competes in fourteen or more long drive events per year. He also performs 25 or more exhibition and trick shot shows per year. It’s his job to hit the golf ball as far and as hard as possible while remaining within a very specific grid. And he does it in front of thousands of people every year.

Two-time WLD Masters Champion

In 2019, at the age of 48, Jeff won his second (2017 & 2019) World Long Drive (WLD) Masters Division Championship in Thackerville, Oklahoma. 

Jeff is currently located in Greensboro, NC, and is available to travel upon request.