As the sport of long drive continues to grow globally, demand for coaching is increasing. Every long driver probably needs some sort of coaching regardless of where they are in their process. Our long drive coaching program has been developed in stages to bring hitters from their current level to the best they can be.

Stage One

Stage one is designed for someone just beginning in long drive. It helps if the hitter has had some golf lessons…..but if that’s not the case we begin there. If the hitter already has a good golf swing, he / she still needs to begin with Stage One training. We need to get the hitter properly fitted with equipment and get through and some repetitive basics before advancing to Stage Two.

Stage Two

Stage Two training is for the long driver who has been through Stage One and/or has some competition time under his/her belt. There’s nothing better than competition to prepare long drivers. We can teach technique, get the hitter fitted with the right equipment, and get them on the right mental track, but competition….and as much as possible is a must.

In Stage Two we continue to help the hitter develop his/her long drive swing and begin ingraining the process of competition.

Stage Three

Stage Three training if for the long driver who has been through the first two stages of training and/or has been on the competition tee enough have learned how to handle the nerves and begin utilize our competition process. We work on dialing in the swing and drilling in the process.

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